Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

Weight problems can often be caused by unhelpful habits but sometimes there is an underlying issue and people may eat to suppress unwanted feelings or emotions. These feelings could be stress or anxiety, fear or sadness for example. It is entirely possible to work with your belief system and change your eating habits to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, mindful eating. For weight loss clients, I offer an individually designed, personal package according to your goals and requirements. Payment is due in full when booking – this is because I want you to be completely committed to the process and so I can support you through the first few weeks of change.

Unfortunately I am not able to wave a magic wand to make you eat healthily and reach your goals but what I can do is work with you to identify why you may be overeating and help you establish a new, healthier way of thinking and being. If you are fully committed to change and would like to work with me to reach your goals, please contact me so we can get started as soon as possible.

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Package

6 hours personalised therapy (usually 1 hour per week over 6 weeks) – £290.00 payable in full to confirm booking

Sessions available in Forest Row, East Sussex and worldwide via Zoom.

Email: info@vanessakarl.com

Text/phone: (+44) 07768 815148