At the end of last year, when I was feeling very low and overwhelmed with my life, I had some hypnotherapy sessions with Vanessa. I must admit I did not know what to expect but she quickly put me at ease with her friendly and understanding manner. She really listened to me and used my own words to lead a guided meditation. I was pleased that I felt more positive about my life even after one session.

Building on this subsequent sessions focused around what I wanted in my life. Using my own words again Vanessa constructed some sentences for me to say each day and turning some negative beliefs into positive ones. This proved to be a real turning point for me as I rediscovered my own joy of life.

Cilla Roberts

My head feels a million time better, which is a great improvement so once again, many thanks to you Vanessa

Julia, Fibromyalgia

I have felt less stiff and have had less pain this week which is excellent and I feel  more positive about being able to be more active -so I am really pleased.

Elain, Fibromyalgia

My head feels much clearer, it’s so nice to be free from the fibro-fog!

Chris, Fibromyalgia

It’s amazing – I can’t believe how I feel so different now about spiders.  I don’t love them but I can happily co-exist with them.  Fantastic!  Thank you Vanessa.

Sam, Phobias

It feels strange to not be scared of spiders any more – I should have done this year’s ago!

Ann, Phobias

I’ve been revising at school today and really enjoying the recordings you sent.  I have been doing the affirmations and loving it!

Jess, Exam and Revision Stress