1-1 Private Supervision

‘Supervision is a supportive, collaborative process between two equals, which supports the therapist to be the best practitioner they can be and helps them to identify any areas of development required to run their business in the most efficient and effective way possible.’

•A supportive, confidential and encouraging place for the therapist to review their work, their own personal and emotional reactions to their work, and to develop their practice.

•Being a therapist can be a lonely profession and having time to think and work things out in a totally safe, non-judgemental way can be both stimulating and reassuring.

•Accountability – being accountable to a supervisor can act as a great motivator to keep the therapist on track and get things done!

Please contact Vanessa if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a session for your Professional Development. 

Special rate for Supervision for Andrew Parr Students and Graduates: £40 per 1 hour  1 – 1 session or £22 per 30 minute session

Fee for Supervision (non AP): £50 per 1 hour session or £27 per 30 minute session


Group Supervision

Group Supervision counts towards your required hours for ACCPH and GHR.  The groups are a great way to get to know other therapists and share your ideas with each other.  Everyone will get an opportunity to ask questions and bring ideas to the group but it is normally more generalised and not quite as personal as 1-1 sessions.  

Please contact me for dates of groups –  Groups run for 6 monthly sessions, each session will be approximately 75 minutes long and will be £15 per person per session (total per person £90 payable upfront to secure your place).   Groups will be no larger than 6 people.


Appointments available in Forest Row, East Sussex and online.


Email: info@vanessakarl.com