Testimonial for back and neck pain – client arrived with a pain scale of 8 – after a one hour treatment, the pain was a 0 – 1.   “Thanks so much for today, my spine is feeling much lighter, like a big weight has been lifted from it”

Are you suffering with Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can be so much more than physical pain.  It can affect every moment of your life, not to mention the impact it has on your sleep, work land social life. Chronic pain also affects feelings and emotions, often leaving people feeling hopeless, helpless and out of control. Chronic Pain can change your life and your personality.  It can stop you being the person you want to be – it is so difficult to be sociable, positive and happy when you have pain all the time.  Perhaps you have been told that the only thing you can do is take more medication to control your pain and that can have numerous unwanted short and long-term side effects.  This can cause stress and frustration which often make the pain even worse.

The good news is that there are techniques that can help alleviate pain considerably and in some cases, completely.

History of Hypnosis for Pain Relief​

James Esdaile who was a surgeon in the 1800’s reduced the 50% mortality rate of that time, down to less than 8%, by using hypnosis as an anaesthetic. This stopped the reduced post-operative shock that caused so many deaths at the time. These surgeries were not just minor ones either, as he documented 300 major surgeries, including 19 amputations, all painlessly. This demonstrates the power of our minds and the control we can learn to have over our bodies.  This is commonly known as the mind-body connection.

Integrative (complimentary) therapies are being used more and more to help people live their life more comfortably, more naturally, without drugs or side-effects.

Dr Milton Erickson, one of the world’s leading lights in the use of clinical hypnosis used his skills to manage his own chronic pain from the two bouts of polio he suffered during his lifetime.

One of the problems with chronic pain management is that the brain habituates to pain-killing drugs, requiring higher and higher doses. Hypnosis works in a different way, causing the brain to stop responding to pain signals.

The trick to using hypnosis for pain management is to learn the skills contained within this session so that you can then use them yourself whenever you need them. Many people quickly grasp the techniques and gain relief from the start.

Before seeking relief from your pain using hypnosis it is imperative that you have a diagnosis from your GP, otherwise the hypnosis will hide symptoms that may require medical treatment.

All sessions are 100% confidential

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