What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Hypnosis feels different to different people.
Hypnosis is not sleep.

Hypnosis is not being unconscious.

You remain aware throughout (unless you fall asleep), though you may experience varying degrees of unawareness and subtle – or not so subtle – physical sensations, such as heaviness of limbs or tingling sensations in the hands.

You need not consciously remember everything that is said.

During some suggestion or visualisation type sessions, you may drift off at times and lose conscious track of what is being said to you – that is normal.

You may sometimes find it difficult to relax at first – but then suddenly notice that a change has occurred – and you are relaxed after all.

You may find the experience itself a little disappointing.

Or you may find it a profound experience like no other.

Both are equally valid and useful, along with all the shades of experience in between.

You may find you lose track of time.

You may find it a calm and relaxing experience, somewhere between wide awake and fast asleep but neither of the two.

You will experience it in the right way for you.